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Why Choose Us


At Genesis Mobile Cigar Lounge, we hold a firm belief that the foundation of a great cigar lies in premium tobacco. Our emphasis on tobacco quality is paramount, and we go to great lengths to source only the finest types available. When it comes to crafting an exceptional taste and aroma, our commitment to excellence is unrivaled. We meticulously select and blend the finest tobaccos, ensuring that every cigar we offer is a testament to our dedication to quality. What sets us apart is not just the cigars themselves but the care and consideration we put into curating an unparalleled cigar experience for our discerning clientele.

Years of experience

As newcomers to the cigar industry, we are dedicated to understanding and meeting the desires of our customers when it comes to a mobile cigar lounge experience. You can trust us to consistently deliver top-notch service, uncompromising quality, and an array of top premium cigars. At Genesis Mobile Cigar, we are committed to ensuring that every moment in our mobile cigar lounge is an experience our customers will truly savor.

Broad variety

Discover the richness of our extensive collection of premium cigars, meticulously curated to cater to both novices and aficionados alike. At Genesis Mobile Cigar, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse selection that accommodates a wide range of tastes. Whether you’re new to the world of cigars or a seasoned connoisseur, our collection promises a satisfying experience for every palate.

Team of professionals

At Genesis Mobile Cigar Lounge, your satisfaction is our top priority. Our team, led by Mitchell Branch, a dedicated Army veteran with 26 years of service, and co-owned by Alison Reed, brings over 30 years of customer service expertise to the table. Alison also boasts a full-time teaching career spanning more than 24 years. Your experience with us is backed by a team with a rich history of service and commitment, ensuring that your satisfaction remains at the forefront of everything we do.